Cheryl Daniel Joins MVP as Production Support Manager

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MVP Financial Equipment Corporation is pleased to announce Cheryl A. Daniel has joined the MVP team as Production Support Manager.

Daniel is responsible for developing procedures to support maintenance, testing and assemblies; assisting in the development of administrative processes and customer services; and aid in the interviewing and hiring process.

“Since opening the distribution and technical training center in South Carolina, MVP has rapidly grown and expanded the services we offer,” said MVP President and CEO Justin Van Peursem.

“Cheryl’s experience as a components expert has been a great asset to the management team we’re building,” Van Peursem notes. “We've selected someone who thrives in a highly dynamic environment, capable of accelerating what is working well for MVP and disrupting what needs to change.”

During her time with the United States Air Force, Daniel worked as an F/FB-111 Avionics Tester and Component Specialist. Later, she worked with cash dispensers and recyclers for 10 years at ARCA, where she also assisted with engineering, technical writing and training depot repair technicians. In her new role, Daniel will lean on her experience in manufacturing and process environment to help MVP continue to grow.

Cheryl can be reached at 415-919-4248 or

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MVP Welcomes New South Carolina Production Manager

MVP Financial Equipment Corp. is proud to announce that David Howe has joined the company as Production Manager. Howe is responsible for production team leadership, training and maintaining satisfactory levels of the consumable materials, equipment and personnel required to produce high-quality, refurbished ATMs and parts at MVP’s new distribution and technical training location in Sumpter, South Carolina.

Refurbished ATMs – Better for the Environment and the Budget

With never ending mandates, how can financial institutions offset the costs of upgrading their out of date ATMs or expanding their ATM fleet while reducing their environmental footprint? The solution: purchasing refurbished and refreshed ATMs. Financial institutions, that purchase refurbished ATMs can expect high-quality, compliant terminals for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

MVP Welcomes New Parts Inventory and Sales Director

MVP Financial Equipment Corp. is pleased to welcome Melinda Ridgeway as the new Parts Inventory and Sales Director. Based at the company’s new distribution and technical training location in Sumter, South Carolina, Ridgeway will spearhead MVP’s warehousing and inventory activities; develop and manage sales processes and procedures; and engage directly in the selling of ATM parts, part repairs and other related goods and services.

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Introducing the MVP VAR Program

MVP is proud to offer a Value-Added Reseller Program where high quality service is paramount. For over 16 years, MVP has built a reputation for exceptional performance as a re-manufacturer of ATMs and ATM-related equipment. We are now expanding our successful business to offer these services nationwide and globally.


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MVP Expands with New Larger Distribution, Technical Training Center in South Carolina

MVP Financial Equipment Corp has opened a larger production and distribution center in Sumter, SC. The new facility more than doubles the square footage of MVP’s ATM and parts storage and production capacity in the southeast. 

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