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Our Standard

We are environmentally conscious and take pride in the recycling of used ATM equipment. 

It is our objective to extend the life cycle of used ATM equipment while staying current with new technology. At any given time, the majority of our expansive inventory consists of used ATMs and operating components of current generation models. On top of this, we also maintain an inventory in accordance with RoHS standards (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). All non-RoHS, scrap metal and other non-reusable parts are either recycled or disposed of in a manner following both federal and SC state requirements. All non-reusable electronic components, including monitors, PC’s, printers and PCB’s, are handled in accordance with the S.C. Manufacturer Responsibility and Consumer Convenience Information Technology Equipment Collection and Recovery Act (section 48-60-90) and are disposed at a Certified Electronics Collection Recycling Agency in South Carolina. 

Our ATMs are painted with the highest rated paint products, both in lasting quality and environmental impact.

We use High-Volume, Low-Pressure (HVLP) spray equipment to create the best possible finish while reducing waste. Our standard paint used is Imron 3.5 HG +; a high gloss, VOC conforming (Volatile Organic Compounds), low HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) polyurethane topcoat. While being a cleaner formula that is safer for the environment, it also has an excellent performance rating for color and gloss retention, weather, etc. We are able to match paint in house to the exact color and finish per standard ATM manufacturer specifications as well as to any customer specific color schemes and preferred gloss.

As the banking world and by extension the ATM market focuses a close eye on security, the efforts to reduce losses due to fraud, data breaches, etc. are at an all-time high.

MVP is conscious of these security concerns and stays up to date on ATM security compliance standards such as PCI and EMV. All of our refurbished ATMs receive either a new or completely wiped EPP, removing all previous data by current PCI standard procedures. They are also exclusively equipped with new hard drives. In addition, all MVP Refurbished ATMs are either configured with or can be upgraded to Windows 7 software, EMV smart card readers, current PCI compliant EPPs, Anti-Skimming devices and other solutions or regulatory requirements.

MVP is proud to be leading the ATM refurbishment market and we will continue to raise the bar to a higher level. We aim to give our customers and by extension their customers the best possible experience in owning and using a refurbished ATM. Beyond the quality and exceptional savings offered (30-50% less than buying new), purchasing MVP refurbished ATMs is to support a company that strongly believes in the benefit of recycling and consciously producing in an environmentally safe manner. We invite you to share in our vision and take pride in purchasing refurbished ATMs to support the environment and your community.

— Justin Van Peursem, Founder / President