Downloadable Summary (PDF)

Refurbishment Process

All MVP refurbished ATMs undergo an end to end rebuilding and testing process, finished with a detailed certification checklist. This checklist can be customized to meet any specific needs of the customer. Our lean refurbishment process minimizes waste while maximizing efficiency and product quality.

There are (8) coordinated stations utilized for every MVP refurbished ATM:

Work order processing — selecting the right ATM by serial number and pulling and/or ordering any required conversion parts specific to the order


ATM disassembly — Careful removal of all components; fascia, harness, etc.

Repair and paint preparation — Light to heavy damage repair performed by our ATM body repair specialists, including dent and scratch removal.  After repairs are made, the ATM is thoroughly sanded, taped off and then moved to one of our paint booths

Part refurbishment — Inspection, cleaning, consumable replacement (as required), and testing of all operating components by our part repair/refurbishment specialists.  All parts are certified by our technical supervisor to be in excellent condition and working order before this stage is completed

Paint — The ATM is painted by one of our painting specialists within an automotive grade paint booth.  Our refurbishment supervisor carefully inspects the painted products prior to completing this station

ATM reassembly — Complete rebuilding of ATM with all refurbished and painted components

Confidence testing — Minimum of 5 complete testing cycles to ensure refurbished ATM is in perfect working order

Certification — 64 step final checklist confirmed by Senior Technician and Quality Control Manager

Packaging — ATM is bolted (minimum 4) to a stable pallet, bubble wrapped, shrink wrapped and boxed for secure shipment

*Our standard lead time on all refurbished ATMs is 4-6 weeks

Downloadable Summary (PDF)