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Products & Services

ATM brands available: 
NCR, Diebold, Wincor-Nixdorf, Nautilus Hyosung, Triton

ATM types available: 
Lobby Cash Dispense, Exterior Cash Dispense, Lobby Full Function, Interior Through-The-Wall Full Function, Exterior Through-The-Wall Full Function

*all full function ATMs can be configured with standard deposit or automated deposit function (imaging)

1st Nor Cal Credit Union has been purchasing pre-owned refurbished ATMs for years because of the tremendous cost savings. MVP Financial has been maintaining our machines, and we have found that the amount of maintenance is not any greater on a refurbished machine as on a new machine. We understand ATMs are costly endeavors in general and need constant maintenance. MVP keeps our ATM operation up 99% of the time, and we appreciate their attentiveness.

— David M. Green, President/CEO 1st Northern California CU

Other refurbishment services offered:

On-site ATM refurbishment

ATM part repair/refurbishment/advance-exchange

Customer owned ATM repair/refurbishment

Additional ATM services offered: 

Installation & Bring-Live (regional)

1st Line Service & 2nd Line Maintenance — annual contract or T&M (regional)

Cleaning & Compliance Inspection (regional)

Free phone-in technical support (all customers)

Existing ATM removal & disposal (regional)

ATM buyback program



Whether the MVP refurbished ATM is maintained by our service group or by another servicer after being installed and brought live, we make certain that the transition is seamless and the ongoing service is facilitated.

Downloadable Summary (PDF)