MVP Equipment Receipt and Warranty Notice


Thank you for trusting in MVP to provide you with industry best refurbished equipment.  Although we hope you have already realized significant value in our competitive pricing and lead time, we expect quality to be of highest importance to you and each of our customers.  While striving to deliver a machine that exceeds expectations out of the box every time, minimal troubleshooting is often required prior to bring-live.  We ask that you take the following steps immediately upon receipt of MVP refurbished equipment to ensure best results:

  1. Carefully remove each unit from its packaging.  If any of the packaging appears damaged, please make note on the shipping BOL.  If there are obvious signs of shipping damage to the equipment, a freight claim should be made with the shipping company.  MVP thoroughly and carefully packages every unit prior to shipment; however, sometimes damage can occur in transit regardless of preparation. 

  2. Inspect each unit for physical flaws.  If anything does not meet your standard of quality, please contact your MVP sales rep and we will take immediate action to remedy the issue. 

  3. Power up and test each unit.  Although all refurbished equipment undergoes strenuous quality testing at MVP’s refurbishment facility, component faults may still occur for various reasons.  If any issues are found in testing, please contact your MVP sales rep before taking further action.  The issue will be communicated to our technical support team immediately and the following steps will be taken in response:

  • Specific troubleshooting instructions will be provided by email within 2 hours of issue notification.

  • If the issue is unclear as reported, a call will be promptly scheduled by the MVP sales rep to include members of our technical support team and the customer’s technician(s).

  • If it is determined after thorough troubleshooting efforts that any component should be replaced, MVP will send a refurbished replacement part to be delivered within 48 hrs.  A return label will be included for the defective part to be shipped back to MVP’s facility.

MVP’s standard warranty on refurbished equipment includes component replacement for a period of 90 days after shipment from our facility to the customer’s designated site.  In our experience, most equipment issues can be remedied without part replacement and are frequently caused by software incompatibility.  We ask that our customers confirm they are using the latest software versions including all known update patches.  Our technical support team is ready to guide through the process of confirming hardware and software compatibility.  MVP’s warranty may be voided if the steps outlined above are not carefully followed.

We greatly appreciate your decision to purchase refurbished equipment from MVP.  As it is our primary goal to maximize customer satisfaction, we encourage any feedback that will assist our effort to continuously improve MVP’s refurbished product offering.


The MVP Team

Posted on December 27, 2018 and filed under Resources.